Q: Where are you Located?
Our shop is just west of Asheville, NC.  Our address is:  Gregory Paolini Design, LLC; 14 Enterprise Drive, Canton, NC 28716 :: Note, our shop is in a newer industrial park, and our current address does not appear on all maps or GPS units.  If having trouble locating us, please use the address of 592 Beaverdam Road, Canton, NC 28716.  The Beaverdam Address will position you right in front of our industrial park

 Click here for our location on Google Maps

Q: Who is the instructor?
The overwhelming majority of classes on our site are taught by Gregory Paolini. If a class is taught by an instructor other than Gregory, it will be clearly noted on the class description page for that particular class. And in almost every case, there will also be an assistant instructor present as well, yielding a 3:1 student to teacher ratio – That’s Not a bad ratio!

Q: How do I enroll in a Festool Class?
That’s super easy!   Simply go to There, you can browse the course curriculum, view the current course schedule, and register for classes!    The folks at Festool take care of all the details!

Q: Do you offer Gift Certificates?

Yes! The woodworking enthusiast in your life will really appreciate a woodworking class with Gregory Paolini, it’s a spectacular gift!. Classes range from 1/2 day, to a week in length, and gift certificates are available for specific classes, private instruction, or in any dollar amount. For more information, please give us a call at 828-627-3948, or shoot us an email. Click here to contact us

Please Note: GPD Gift Certificates may not be applied to Festool Training Classes

Q: Do you offer Private Classes?
Yes! We offer private classes, to accommodate your schedule, for up to three participants. Click Here to learn more about our Private Classes

Q: What tools do I need to bring with?
Some schools provide you with a “tool list”, which require you to go out and buy hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of tools before you can even attend the course. We provide all the tools and equipment you’ll need to complete your project or course. And we have a variety of tools for you to “test drive” while you participate in a course, that way you can make your own decision of which tools are best for you. Even though use of our tools is included, if you have a favorite hand plane, chisel, dovetail saw, or any other tool, and would like to bring your own, you are always welcome to. If you’d like a list of tools that will be utilized in your particular class, just contact us.

Q: How do I get my Project Home? I’m traveling from out of town.

Most of our students travel to our workshop from out of state, or even out of country, so we tend to complete projects here at GPD to the “dry-fit” stage.  This is done for two reasons:  Dry fit projects can be broken down, and flat packed, making shipping back to one’s personal shop very economical.  We can handle all shipping details for you.

Secondly, a dry fit piece can be taken apart and all of the tedious sanding, and pre-finishing work can be done on the piece at one’s own pace.   Most of our students don’t care to spend money on class time to sand their project, and are glad to be able to do it on their own – I couldn’t agree more.

Q: I won’t have time to finish my project once I’m back home, can GPD help?
Yes!   Many of our students have very busy lives, and we realize that the only opportunity they will have to fulfill their woodworking passion is during their time with us at GPD.   For those interested, we offer a completion service.  Click here for more info

Q: I’m not sure what to do with my project when I’m done with class

We’ve had several folks who want to build their woodworking skill set, but really have no use for another table, chair, bookcase, etc.

If you fall into this category, we can help.   If you choose to leave your project at GPD, our team members will complete the project, finish it, and then we will donate it to a local animal rescue organization, so that it can either be used by that organization on site, or auctioned off by the organization, in order to offset the groups operating expenses.

Everybody wins!  You hone your woodworking skills, and a baby puppy, kitten, or maybe even a horse, gets a second chance at life!

Q: Can I bring a camera, or take pictures at class?
Absolutely!  The focus at GPD is to learn, and retain that knowledge, and a picture is worth a thousand words. Bring a camera, take notes, make the most of your experience here! Keep in mind that occasionally I have projects for books and magazines which must remain under wraps until published, but I’ll always let you know what we can’t take pictures of. Other than that, enjoy!

Q: Can I bring my own tools or materials?

We will supply everything you’ll need, however you’re welcome to bring any tools and materials you’d like. So if you have a favorite block plane, or square, bring it along! Have a piece of oak that is special to you? We can incorporate it into your furniture project, that’s no problem. You’re free to bring anything you’d like, however we can not waive or reduce any materials & lab fees associated with your course/class.

Q: Do you have custom classes?

Yes! Many of our students provide us with a list of tasks they wish to accomplish during their time at Gregory Paolini Design LLC. Custom courses can range from a 1/2 day to a week in length, and take the form of One on One, or Private classes. Need a little help hand planing? Dovetailing? Getting that glass smooth finish? Just let us know what we can help you with, and we’ll be happy to do so! For more information, or to discuss a custom course, please call us at 828_627_3948

Q: Will you conduct a seminar for our group/club?

Yes. Gregory conducts workshops, seminars, lectures, and full blown hands on teaching for schools, woodworking stores, and woodworking guilds & clubs across the country. Please have your group’s Program Chair, or President call us for more information at 828-627-3948.

Q: What are the class hours?

Normal class hours at Gregory Paolini Design LLC are from 9am to 4:30pm;  Some intermediate And advanced level GPD Classes, such as the Sideboard, Sculpted Rocker, or Workbench classes begin at 8:00 am.   We can alter our normal schedule for most One on One, or private classes, with advance notice. Just let us know ahead of time

Festool classes begin at 8:00am, and more info on these classes can be found in your registration letter from Festool

Q: Are there any pre-requisites?

Some classes do have pre-requisites. This is particularly true of open group classes, where time does not permit for instruction beyond what is outlined in the lesson plan. An individual who does not posses the skills to keep up with the group, could cause the entire group to slow down. This is not fair to other participants, who are proficient with the required skills, and have met the pre-requisites. If you enroll in an open enrollment group course, without having the skills necessary to keep up, you will be left behind.  Generally, a student who has participated in one of our Woodworking Fundamental courses, will have met all of the criteria for required pre-requisites. Class descriptions will always indicate whether or not there are any pre-requisites.If you have taken a fundamental woodworking course elsewhere, or feel that you may have the required experience to forego our Woodworking Fundamentals course, please call us at 828-627-3948 to discuss.
Pre-requisites do not apply to Private courses, or the Handi-craft experience.

Q: Do you have classes for beginners?

Yes! Any class with a skill level “open” to all is appropriate for beginners. If you’re beginning in woodworking, and would like to know the best course to take to jump start your abilities, we recommend our  very popular “Woodworking Fundamental” courses. We have two to choose from, which cover the basics, but focus on either furniture, or kitchen & household cabinetry, depending on the direction you perceive yourself taking.

Q: Do you offer consulting on projects?

Gregory is extremely willing to help, and can regularly be found on many woodworking forums, answering questions, and offering advice, at no charge. However, if you’re working on a difficult project, which requires in depth personal assistance, Gregory does offer personal consulting. Gregory will review your project via e-mail, our online collaborative system, and/or phone, and guide you through to successful completion. The Rate for private consultation is $65 per hour. For more information, or to schedule a time to go over your project, just give us a call at 828-627-3948, or shoot us an email. Click here to contact us

Q: Can I bring & build my own design?

Yes, We can do that! Have your own design, that you would like to see become a reality? Want to build a piece that’s not shown in our catalog? We can do that! Gregory will review your design with you, ensuring that it is structurally sound, and will last for generations. We’ll then move on to the construction phase, making sure you complete your piece with success! If you’d like to enroll in a One on One course, Gregory would be happy to help you build a piece of furniture that you designed. Just give us a call at 828-627-3948, or Contact Us for more information.

Q: Can I build a piece, not shown in your catalog?

Yes. If you have your heart set on a classic Mission, Craftsman, Shaker, or Arts & Crafts piece of furniture, Gregory would love to hear from you! This type of class would be a variation on our custom Private course, and with prior notification, we can develop a course of study to ensure success with your project. And if you’d rather build a contemporary piece, exploring the challenges of veneer, or curved joinery and construction, we can do that too! Just give us a call at 828-627-3948, or Contact Us for more information.

If you have a question we have not answered, Please give us a call, 828_627_3948, or contact us