Private Woodworking Classes

compfinishPrivate classes at GPD Academy can be had with any of our in house instructors, including Gregory, and can be scheduled any time that your calendar and our calendars mesh. You may choose a private class as a true One on One experience, where you’re the only participant; or You may share that time with others.   Work along side friends, Co-Workers, guild or club members, or family members, who enjoy woodworking.   We’ve designed special courses for businesses.  We’ve even had folks schedule Birthday celebrations, and retirement parties, totally centered around woodworking!

A  One on One class is the ultimate private woodworking class. One on one woodworking instruction provides you with our undivided attention, ensuring that all of your questions and concerns will be addressed, because you are the only student. One on one courses are very flexible, allowing the itinerary and syllabus to conform to your needs, on the fly. And Pre-requisites are not required, as we can assist you in every aspect of your course or project, regardless of your skill level. We start each One on one session by identifying your concerns, or what you would like to improve upon. Then we set goals, and make sure the session addresses them, insuring you get results!

GGdesk Private group classes are a great solution for two or more friends, guild/club members, or family members, who enjoy woodworking together. You get the benefit of flexible scheduling, splitting the tuition fee with others, and the knowledge that you will be working alongside of people you choose. Just like One on One classes, Private group classes can be scheduled at any time, and custom courses are available too.

Rates for private classes at GPD Academy range from $65-$85 per hour, depending on the instructor you select.     There is a 3 hour minimum charge per session.    For shared classes, the rate increases $20 per hour, per additional student.

For folks making a commitment of a week long private instruction, we extend a 10% discount on the tuition. Material fees for private classes are the same as for open group classes. And for Custom classes, where materials may be unknown, there is a minimum $35 per day material and lab fee.

To schedule a private class at GPD, just grab your calendar and give us a call. We’ll find a time that works best for everyone involved. Once we identify a time slot, a 50% deposit will secure your private class in to our schedule. The balance will be due 60 days before the start of your private class.

And as with almost all of our classes, we provide the tools and materials you will need while at GPD.