Woodworking Fundamentals: Greene & Greene Hall Table


Practical, common sense woodworking. Our woodworking fundamentals course is a great introduction for people who are brand new to woodworking, or looking to gain a solid understanding of the fundamentals of woodworking. This is a machine based course, with an emphasis on safety, materials, and techniques, while producing a classic piece of furniture. In this course you will learn about the properties of wood and materials; how to read and interpret woodworking drawings and plans; reading grain and milling stock square and flat; the safe use of various woodworking tools including table saws, planers, routers, & joiners. You will learn different ways to layout and cut mortise and tenon joinery, while focusing on datum surfaces, as well as creating templates and pattern routing.

In the words of one of my Woodworking Fundamentals students “I learned more in one week with Gregory, than in 20 years woodworking on my own”

This class is limited to only 6 students, so you’ll receive lots of instruction & personal attention !

Open Group Tuition: $956 Plus Materials/Lab: $204 :: For One on One, or Private Group Tuition, Click Here
Course Length: 5 Days (32.5 hours)
Skill Level: All
Pre-requisites: None
Instructor: Gregory Paolini