Three Axis Slot Mortiser Plan

3asmHow would you like to be able to cut a mortise in less time than it took to read this sentence?

Almost all of my students, and everyone who uses, or sees our shop made slot mortiser in action, just has to have one! Now you can build your own, using common shop materials and supplies! Plus, our slot mortiser can be converted to a horizontal router table, with the quick addition of a shop made table, affixed to the track assemblies.

Our world class woodworking plans are professionally drawn, and error free. Our plans are delivered in PDF format, and only require the free Adobe Acrobat reader to view, or print – Chances are your computer already has it installed! Upon successful checkout, we will e-mail our slot mortiser plans to you in a timely manner.

Click Here to Purchase   Three Axis Slot Mortiser Plan: $10.95

View a video of our Slot Mortiser