Scandinavian Workbench :: Frank Klausz Inspired Bench

Scand-BenchMade popular by woodworking Legend Frank Klausz, The Scandinavian workbench is Gregory Paolini’s favorite style of bench – It’s really suited to furniture makers!

The open face vise, without having any interfering hardware by design,  is wonderful for cutting dovetail joinery,  holding odd shaped parts, and supporting the end of a long board for hand planing.The tail vise of this bench is extremely stout, and great for a variety of woodworking tasks, including pinch clamping work pieces for carving, fitting, or joinery work.

And, the bench knocks down, for easier transport!  We have personally seen folks who have fit this bench into a Honda!

Students will have the option of modifying the size of the bench to best fit their shops, and woodworking styles. And class benches will be made from Maple or Beech, as available.

This class is limited to only 6 students, so you’ll receive lots of instruction & personal attention !

Open Group Tuition: $1147  Materials/Lab: $875 :: For One on One, or Private Group Tuition, Contact Us

Course Length: 6 Days
Skill Level: Intermediate
Pre-requisites: Fundamental Woodworking or Equivalent
Instructor: Gregory Paolini
Maximum Class Size: 6 Participants