Sharpening Class Sharpen Chisels and Hand Plane Irons Razor Sharp

SMsharpenAre you frustrated with tools that just don’t cut it anymore?

Sharp tools make woodworking easier and enjoyable!

In this workshop Gregory will cover a variety of methods to make your tools razor sharp, including sandpaper on glass, water stones, and slow speed grinding machines. We’ll also focus on achieving the “burr”, or “wire edge” which is often described in text, but so elusive to so many woodworkers.
Upon completion, you’ll literally be able to make an edge razor sharp. Feel free to bring a dull chisel or plane iron to practice on.

Open Group Tuition: $75 includes Materials :: For One on One, or Private Group Tuition, Click Here
Course Length: 1/2 day (3 hours)
Skill Level: All
Pre-requisites: none